Water & Utilities: overcome the challenges of above-ground pipe supports with modular systems

As we all know, above-ground pipe supports can be a headache for the water and utilities industry.
Installers face unique challenges on-site when fitting above-ground pipework supports for Wastewater recycling facilities. A variety of factors on-site can make traditional fabricated supports not fit for purpose. Water and utility installers are now looking for an alternative solution to traditional fabricated above-ground pipe supports that can overcome these on-site challenges.

What are the installation challenges for above-ground pipe supports?

  • Site conditions and environment
    The conditions and terrain can vary quite dramatically on wastewater recycling facilities and utilities sites. For example, ground elevations can greatly differ, affecting the levels at which concrete plinths are put in. This can often result in traditional welded supports arriving on-site incorrectly sized.
  • Time and Cost
    Due to the nature of traditional fabricated supports and the inability to modify on-site, supports often require modification off-site which can lead to project delays and increasing costs.
  • Health & Safety risk
    Due to the inability to modify fabricated supports on-site, timber is often used as an ineffective substitute whilst a traditional welded support is sent back for modification. Temporary timber supports are unsuitable and unproven to be fit-for-purpose, therefore increasing the risk of danger to all contractors on site.

To overcome these challenges installers in the water and utilities industry are turning to QMEXX modular pipe support system as the go-to above-ground pipe supports solution.

pipe timber supports

modular supports for above-ground ductile iron pipework

Timber supports are neither adequate nor effective and can potentially be a health and safety risk.

Specifying QMEXX keeps above-ground ductile iron pipework secure.

What is QMEXX?

QMEXX modular pipe support system is made up of a unique and innovative group of pipe support components designed to meet the on-site installation challenges for the water and utilities industries. The above-ground pipework supports can be quickly assembled on-site or supplied pre-assembled with instant adjustment and adaption on-site to accommodate changes and variations from drawings. ​With QMEXX, no hot works manufacturing is required, simply select the components you need and assemble them accordingly. All products come with a hot-dip-galvanised finish making them suitable for the outdoor environment. QMEXX is a bolt-on solution that works in conjunction with the SIKLA siFramo box section and the unique SIKLA FLS bolt that fastens the system together.

Why specify QMEXX?

QMEXX is the smart and effective substitute for traditional fabricated supports. With QMEXX contractors can deliver on project deadlines, save costs, reduce overall carbon emissions and effectively support ductile iron above-ground pipework.

Highlighted below are 8 reasons why water and utility companies specify QMEXX:

1. Completely Flexible & adjustable
Made to measure on or off-site meeting the unique on-site installation changes, making it suitable to the environment and site conditions encountered on water treatment and utility sites.

  5. Reduced carbon emissions
With less deliveries on-site due to the ability for instant adjustments as time consuming modifications are not an issue.

2. Installation time reduced
With no waiting around for traditional supports to be modified and weighing up to 80% lighter than traditional fabrications there is a reduction in wasted time spent on-site.

  6. Proven
QMEXX components can be found in over 500 projects and can be backed up by comprehensive loading reports.

3. Cost effective
Choosing QMEXX components is cost effective because no hot works or welding is required on-site.

  7. Safety
There is no need for temporary timber supports as QMEXX is available off-the-shelf and can be installed as soon as required.

4. Stock is available off-the-shelf
And can be delivered on-site the next day

  8. Corrosion protected
Fully hot-dip galvanised finish makes it suitable for outdoor environments.


MIDFIX holds the largest stock of QMEXX components, completely off-the-shelve and available for next day delivery.
By utilising our design and technical team we can save costings throughout each phase of project cycle.

MIDFIX are experts in onsite and offsite supports for the mechanical and electrical industries, delivered through design, engineering, fabrication and industry training. If you are looking for a complete bracket/assembly solution for above ground pipework choose QMEXX.



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MIDFIX (Guest Author)

Written by MIDFIX (Guest Author)

Based in Nottingham, MIDFIX are experts in onsite and offsite supports for the mechanical and electrical industries, delivered through design, engineering, fabrication and industry training.