What makes the Siconnect Pressix 41 channel so special?

There's a lot to be said for the Pressix CC 41 Channel Installation System and a bit of a buzz in the marketplace with tested systems and their benefits.

Sikla is constantly evolving the Siconnect Installation system to emphasise reducing the project's final cost. This does not address the cost of the material but the innovation of our products which reduces the assembly times either on-site or off-site. Giving you, the installer, a fully tested and premium installation system!



Get the Sikla Professional Service with Every Order:

  1. A full set of documentation including load valuescompliance with local standards and fire protection guidelines.
  2. FREE SiPlan Software which allows you to check that the Channel System is suitable for your specific application.
  3. Full standard BIM CAD & REVIT compatibility. Sikla can provide you access to our FREE BIM LIBRARY where you can install on your workstation and drag and drop BIM Attributes.
  4. FREE REVIT PLUGIN allows you to design a Channel Frame and as a by product have a construction (shop) drawing.
  5. UK & IRE-based Engineering Teams with Structural and BIM modelling capability.



 Sikla REVIT Assembly Drawing


What you maybe didn't know is how the Sikla 41 channel compares to generic systems:

Sikla channels-1



Launched in 2005, the Pressix CC 41 corner connections are an evolution of generic corner connections. The benefit of this connection type is that you only need one!

No need to decide if you need a spring, a short spring or a long spring. As part of Sikla services, it all comes pre-assembled to you, just position and tighten the bolts. That’s it!


Pressix CC41 allows modular frame construction with quick rigid corner connections

  • Fast and efficient assembly
  • Completely pre-assembled connecting elements
  • No small parts
  • Flexible strut channel orientation
  • Stiff and solid
  • Coatings for indoors and outdoors (HCP) as standard


Did you know?

Sikla's channel system has incremental measurements marked on the outside face to make measurements easy.

Sikla have a full range of ETA Approved fixings to complement the installation system for peace of mind!

These fixings have full test data (where applicable) for ETA, DIBT, Fire, Tunnel Fire, Seismic, VdS, FM and Shock.

We have shortlisted the typical fixings needed for Siconnect and siFramo installation systems.

Anchor rangeThe Sikla UK Consolidated Fixing Range (more available on request)


Do you want more information on the Pressix channel system? Then either contact our UK or Oceania teams or download our brochure now!

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Nigel Thompson

Written by Nigel Thompson

Director Sales & Engineering