Anchor & Guide solutions for Piping Thermal Expansion

What are the principles of thermal expansion? Why does it represent such a challenge to piping engineers? These are two core questions always present during the design of a pipework system. This article combines the thermal expansion definition with the introduction of Sikla's anchor and guide range as a solution to face these challenges.

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What are the principles of Thermal Expansion?

Thermal expansion refers to the contraction or expansion of piping systems when exposed temperature variations (which occur during the systems operating conditions). Different materials will react in different ways to the same level of temperature variation.  For example, and as illustrated below, plastic pipes expand and contract far more than steel pipes.

Piping Thermal Expansion in different types of piping materials

These variations lead to pipe movements and length fluctuation, representing a major risk to pipework systems, as the expansion of a pipe will potentially lead to stress in the entire structure.

It is then possible and necessary to account for these variations and minimize their effects, by providing the necessary flexibility to the system, thereby avoiding further damages.

Please note that the above diagram is indicative. For smaller building services, such as heating or hot water pipes, it may be appropriate to select products based on a simplified Delta T estimation but, please ask for a software based Fixed Point calculation if you are unsure. Hot pipes at industrial scale, i.e. 300 C and above require a proper thermal calculation executed by a qualified piping engineer.

Anchor & Guide Solutions

What does Sikla offer to provide flexibility to a piping structure? The answer is: a complete range of anchors and guides made from relevant components and displayed as simply as possible.

This solutions range includes:

  • Simplified packages of both anchors and guides
  • Standardised industrial/process solutions
  • Engineered anchor solutions
  • Additional guide products


Simplified Packages

Beyond the component range, Sikla have developed over time a range of standard solutions. This covers anchors solutions ranging from 1kN (100kg) all the way up to 35kN (3.5T) and guides ranging from 45mm - 140mm of movement.  

Our standard range of anchors and guides rely on a few types of pipe clip
- Fixed Point Clamp FS (used in Spider or Trestle arrangement)

- Stabil D-3G (Sikla's High performance pipe clip; typically used on low force anchors 3kN and below)

The Stabil D-3G is a unique pipe clamp design which offers a number of connection options and is available with the following finishes for certain applications/temperatures: 

  1. BZP - Steel Pipe (direct to pipe) - Unlined for use internally

  2. BZP EPDM Rubber Lining - The use of the rubber allows for a barrier between the BZP finish on the pipe clamps and non-ferrous  metals such as Copper (Cu) and Stainless Steel (SS), avoiding bi-metal corrosion. 

  3. BZP Silicone Lining - used on high temperature pipe work such as steam.

These are all available for use outdoors and can be supplied with an HCP (High Corrosion Protection) finish which is compliant to C4. 

The part numbers for this Anchor and Guide range cannot be found on our website, but are available in a matrix where anchors and guide sets can be selected in a simple way.

Prior to this simplification document, the supplying process of an anchor or a guide would require a list of several components to be identified. A guide set would have to include item numbers for slide sets, adaptors & suitable pipe clamps (etc). In a similar way, anchors can be made up from a variety of components, with as many as 13 being involved in a single assembly. Mounting plates, rod/tube, lock nuts, universal joints, adapters and more.

Guides Components List

Guide's components list

Anchors Components ListAnchor's components list

How does this simplified process work? By answering a few simple questions regarding the requirements of the solutions you are looking for, you can easily find the appropriate anchor/guide and its assigned part number.

Anchors & Guides Selection Criteria

Keep reading this article and download the matrix where you can easily find all the available part numbers of Sikla Anchors and Guides range. 

What other services can you expect beside the standard range?

Outside of Sikla’s standard range of anchors, custom designs can be calculated and detailed from traditional steel and/or the siFramo system to accommodate more unusual anchor arrangements. These would be engineered and customized anchor solutions, provided by our design and engineering team, working closely with you to meet the needed requirements.

Industrial/Process solutions are also offered, particularly with reference to the Sikla pipe shoes range. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of accessories to produce guided or anchor points. Pipe shoe is height adjustable in increments of 2.5mm and comes in three height ranges, 90, 150 and 200mm.
Pipe Shoes

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Piping Anchor and Guide Sikla Range