Modular Steel (8/10): Is the system BIM and plant design software compatible?

Is the system BIM and plant design software compatible?
The answer to the question is

This is a question we are asked on a regular basis now, especially when engaged during the planning stages of a project. It really doesn’t matter these days what type of project you are designing or planning: Sikla has a solution for you to streamline your design process and take into consideration BIM (Building Information Modelling). Learn all about it now, following our previous articles detailing the key points about the siFramo Modular system.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

How to integrate Sikla products into BIM tools?

Sikla promotes the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to assist project planning,
execution and handover. Furthermore, the aim is also to directly implement the Sikla product range into the BIM software tools (e.g. Autodesk Revit, MicroStation etc.). The use of BIM at Sikla will guarantee better project coordination and the reliable execution and completion of projectskeeping with deadlines at constant prices and in line with the highest possible planning standards. 

At Sikla, we now have full coverage of the some of the most used CAD applications (summary below): 
software tools-1In addition, we have two important resources:

    Alternatively, you can request our Stand-Alone software CADENAS which allows for the drag and drop of BIM objects into your CAD software. 



  • Free CAD Portal
    A fully FREE BIM Compliant CAD Portal  is available, allowing objects to be downloaded in a variety of formats.

    BIM Library

    Check now all the Supported Formats!BIM Available & Downloadable Formats

The Sikla CAD/BIM-Library supplies you with our whole product line as CAD-independent 3D or 2D geometry and immediate benefits include: 

  • Functional product information at a glance 
  • Easy creation of own installation details
  • Reduced planning effort 

To learn more about this subject, we already did a BLOG on it: find now more details about how to plan your project with Sikla software design tools.

CAD implementation - Training & Guidance

Do you need any further guidance about these resources?  
Sikla offers several tools and services capable of helping you: 

  • Specification Text Templates   
  • Software Plug-ins and CAD-libraries to implement Sikla components into detailed project design 
  • Structural calculation reports for worst-case designs (e.g. highest loads/temperatures) 

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Are you and your team interested in learning more about the Modular Steel Framing System siFramo?
Let us know: at Sikla we frequently run a Webinar about the topic and are available to offer your staff and engineering teams a CPD training about it!  

Nigel Thompson

Written by Nigel Thompson

Director Sales & Engineering