Planning with Sikla: CAD and BIM benefits

Building Information Modelling (BIM)  is consensually known these days as essential software design tools for the daily work of engineering experts in the construction industry, improving the collaboration between all the involved teams (designers, contractors, …).

At Sikla, we aim to make the most of it and therefore offer you several options for integrating our products into your CAD/BIM models.

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BIM benefits

The BIM data are used, for example,  for early production and delivery of pre-fabricated modules. The 3D model contains important characteristics of components e.g. function, geometry and identification number. Further attributes such as physical properties can be complemented if needed.

This procedure offers enormous time advantages for the client/investor, in particular during the critical transition from planning to the construction phase. Depending on the project's dimensions and complexity, possible changes in the construction phase can be significantly reduced in the run-up to the planning period and resultant postponements can be prevented. 

CAD library for easy design of supports

The Sikla CAD/BIM Library supplies you with our whole product line as CAD-independent 3D or 2D geometry.

Your benefits:
  • Functional product information at a glance
  • Easy creation of own installation details
  • Reduced planning effort


There is a free CAD catalogue allowing the download of BIM files in your preferred format, these include DWG, Revit and Inventor. Sikla's CAD/BIM objects can be seamlessly integrated into your detailed engineering/planning process.


Sikla 3D BIM CAD Free CatalogSikla 3D BIM CAD open catalog


Sikla also provides a range of software tools to allow the integration of our systems into the CAD/BIM models at detailed design or planning stages.


software tools - BIMSoftware tools and integration


CAD Implementation - Training & Guidance

Do you need any further guidance about these resources? 

Sikla offers several tools and services capable of helping you:

  • Specification Text Templates 
  • Software Plug-ins and CAD-libraries to implement Sikla components into detailed project design
  • Structural calculation reports for worst-case designs (e.g. highest loads/temperatures)


Get familiar with these technical services  and contact us for further consulting.

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