Benefits siFramo modular steel system can offer to your project

Do you know what is siFramo? It is versatile & easy-to-use support system, offering maximum flexibility with a compact range of off-the-shelf components. This system provides a modular steel framing solution designed to make up support frames on site or off site, without a need for hot works.




If you're not really sure about the benefits of using siFramo over traditional steel for secondary pipe supports and secondary steel frames on your project, check this article. You'll get to know the main siFramo assets leading to significant productivity gains.


Benefit your construction project with siFramo modular system

siFramo is the finest alternative to welded secondary steel and relies on time and cost saving (the heart of Sikla’s product range and solutions)


So, in detail, how can your project benefit from the siFramo concept and range ?


  1. All parts are reusable after disassembly without wastage

  2. Maximum flexibility and minimum installation time

  3. Connection to all types of primary building structures and compatibility with generic strut systems

  4. Designed for making amendments and additions: adjustable components to allow for revisions and building tolerances

  5. Regulatory compliance: EN 1090-1 (CE); HDG coating to EN-ISO1461 and AS/NZS2312

  6. One size and type of vibration-proof thread forming screw for all connections

    FL Thread Forming Screw

    FLS Self Forming Screw

  7. Higher performance with lower weight of steel ratio: the system is strong but lightweight, cutting down the total tonnage of steel required for the project
  8. Typical support shapes documented including load capacities and dimensions
  9. Products are readily available from stock, with a distribution network that offers quick lead times
  10. And there is no need for hot works: no concerns about risk assessment or site permits to welding procedures.
benefits of siFramo modular steel

Watch this video demonstrating siFramo time saving benefit, when compared to welded process.
(More Sikla videos here)


siFramo has unlimited possibilities and is applicable to projects of several scopes (learn more about its potential applications, view our Project & Application Gallery.

This flexibility should be taken into consideration when planning secondary steel structures within a new upcoming project.




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