Environmental Product Declarations (EPD): The sustainable benefit

In accordance with ISO 14025 and EN15804+ A2, Sikla recently achieved Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the siFramo modular secondary steel system and Simotec pipe shoes. This is in line with the increasing demand for information on the potential environmental impacts, such as climate change, products have.

Sikla siFramo EPD Sikla Simotec Pipe Shoes EPD

What is a Environmental Product Declaration?

An EPD is a third party verification that contains information on the environmental impact of a product or building material during its lifetime. The declaration is based on relevant standards and fact-based information for evaluating the product’s sustainability and comparison of CO2 consumption.

Each Environmental Product Declaration takes a assessment of the five stages of a product’s life:

  • Manufacturing
  • Erection
  • Use
  • Disposal
  • Recycling

These stages take into consideration the products life cycle from a raw material to its disposal in addition to packaging and transport.

Sikla EPD illustration

The five stages of a product’s lifecycle that the EPD analyses 


For the siFramo modular secondary steel system and Simotec pipe shoes EPD’s, the disposal stage was examined in further detail based on two scenarios. Both product systems can be reused and recycled meaning after disassembly, both products can be transported to a new location and reused. The reject rate is approximately 10% for the beam profile and this must be considered for the new application.

Our Sustainable commitment

Obtaining an Environmental Product Declarations reaffirms Sikla’s commitment to sustainability. These documents enable us to become more transparent with our customers and within the industry.

By 2030, Sikla will operate as a climate-neutral company to compensate for unavoidable emissions and create an environmentally sustainable future for generations to come. In 2023, Sikla branches began joining the United Nations Global Compact and has developed a strategy around the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sikla's next steps for sustainability

To meet and further improve our sustainability goals, we will continue to make an active contribution by:

  • Reducing transport by sourcing local suppliers and develop partnerships with sustainable companies
  • Reduce waste by taking back unused goods
  • Increasing the number of Environmental Product Declarations
  • Achieving Gold in Ecovadis by 2029
  • Certified for EN ISO 14001


Would you like your own copy of our Environmental Product Declarations? Download them below today:


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