5 New components to quickly build a Strut-Channel Frame

Considerations, when building a frame from 41/41 channel, P1000 or equivalent, are different loads from different M+E services that come from different directions. On top of that the construction site concerned, as well as its different types of primary structures, require different connection methods to fix such a frame inside, or even outside, the building.
This variety of design factors makes it complex and difficult both to plan the optimum frame and to build it on site.

Strut-Channel frame: what is the solution for its quick design & assembly?

In order to address these issues for small and medium load strut-channel frames, SIKLA has relaunched its entire CC41 connector system, improving the existing bracket types technically, practically and economically.
Some additional components have been developed to fill gaps in possible frame configuration scenarios.
Heavy-duty frame requirements are addressed by our modular steel system siFramo.

These NEW connection elements offer an unprecedented level of flexibility when it comes to non-welded strut-channel frames. As a result, a bolted light weight frame can now be assembled quickly and technically sound in any possible variation or configuration.  

strut-channel frame

Benefits of the relaunched system are:

  • Connections are made faster and stiffer than with previous versions
  • Further reduction of small parts by pre-assembling wherever possible
  • More variations of channel’s slot directions
  • Additional stiffness by the cold-forming a “Sikla Diamond” around each fixing hole
  • An HCP (High Corrosion Protection) version of each connector is now in our standard range. What does that mean? The components are fully compatible with hot-dipped galvanised channel in an outdoor - or other C4 corrosivity environment

These are the 5 new components in detail:

Angle Connector EV CC 41-1


strut-channel frame angle connectors

EV 41 (left) and EV CC 41-1 (right )with pre-assembled Speednuts

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Angle Connector EV CC 41-2


strut-channel frame angle connectors 2

EV 41-2 W (left) and EV CC 41-2 (right) with pre-assembled Speednuts

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Angle Connector EV CC 41-3

strut-channel frame angle connector

Angle Connector EV CC 41-3

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Angle Connector EV CC 41-4


strut-channel frame angle connector

Angle Connector EV CC 41-4

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Angle Connector EV CC 41-5


strut-channel frame angle connector

Angle Connector EV CC 41-5

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Are you interested in the HCP version of these components?

Below you can find the links to all the above products’ HCP version for outdoor application, in combination with hot-dipped-galvanised channel:

How useful do you find these new developments? Would you like to have more information?
Please contact our team for further details about this topic and check the dedicated Sikla brochure!

Download Strut-Channel CC41 system detailed brochure:Download