Modular Steel (5/10): Can connections be made anywhere along the beam section?

Welcome to the latest article in our in-depth look at the siFramo Modular Steel System. In the previous article we discussed the siFramo system’s impressive ability to utilize as much space as possible in a variety of frame configurations. Today’s article on connection flexibility goes hand in hand with the topic of space conservation. We will be discussing the following questions:

  • Can connections be made anywhere along the siFramo beam section?
  • Why is this beneficial for you?
  • If so, how is this possible?
  • Is this still true of non-standard and non-Sikla components?

Can connections be made anywhere along the siFramo beam section?

To put it simply, YES, the siFramo system allows the user to make a connection anywhere along the profile. There are no incremental fixing positions to worry about during the support design, no slot patterns to observe and therefore no controlled cuts need to be made. As the siFramo system is a box section the same level of flexibility has been designed into all four sides of the profile. This allows for unrestricted connection positions in both two dimensional and volumetric supports.

Why is this beneficial for you?

Having unrestricted fixing positions has major benefits in both the planning/design and installation phases.

During the planning phase it allows the designer to make the most of the space available by:

  • Positioning services as close to one another as possible, without needing to align to the next slot/hole position.
  • Positioning services as close to the edge of the supporting member as possible.
  • Removing the consideration of controlled cuts for supporting members.
  • Providing fixing positions on all four sides of the profile simultaneously (no through-bolts).


During the installation phase it enables the installer to cater to on-site adjustments by:

  • Allowing finite adjustment to suit on-site conditions such as primary structure tolerances.
  • Providing flexibility for unexpected service repositioning.
  • Allowing for fixation of additional services to any of the available faces of the box section.

How does the siFramo system achieve this?

The big question at this point is, how has the siFramo system been designed in a way to make this possible? It boils down to the combination of two simple elements:

  • The slot/hole pattern of the profile

Steel Beam Section F80 Slot and Hole Pattern M10 BoreThe slot and hole pattern has M10 bore holes designed to accommodate the M10 FLS Screw. There are two sets of external holes positioned at 20mm centers and offset from each other by 10mm. This pattern is repeated on all four faces of the profile so that the offset hole position is present on all adjacent sides.

  • The slot dimensions of standard components
Slot Dimensions of Standdard Components STA F80
Using the example of an AK-F80 Cantilever baseplate, all standard components within the Framo range use the same 0.5 x 1" slot. On smaller components such as GPL Mounting Plates two such slots are used, on larger components such as the AK Cantilever four slots are used.

  • Working together to cater to unrestricted connection positioning

Steel beam section offset hole positionThe combination of the offset hole pattern and 0.5 x 1" slot of the baseplate means that you will always have at least 4 fixing positions for the M10 FLS screws to be located. This allows for millimeter specific accuracy along the entire length of the supporting member.

This level of adjustability remains present on all sides of the section, regardless of the position of components on adjacent sides. The offset in hole positioning, in combination with the 0.5 x 1" slot, allows for components to be connected at any point on any face of the profile as indicated in the image below.
Steel beam section offset hole position_

Is this flexibility still true when incorporating non-standard and non-siFramo connections?

The siFramo system can retain this level of flexibility even when interfacing with non-Sikla support systems and products. Our engineering team have a long history of designing bespoke interface plates/components for items such as anti-vibration mounts, non-Sikla pipe shoes, spring hangers, cable trays/ladders and GRP flooring products.

If the existing hole/slot pattern cannot be directly utilized then, by incorporating the 0.5 x 1" slot that is present in our standard product range, any custom connection we design will have the flexibility to connect anywhere along the siFramo beam section.

non standard componentsnon standard components_

Maximum flexibility, simply executed

The siFramo system provides unrestricted connection positioning through the combination of two simple elements:

  • An offset M10 bore hole pattern on the extremities of the profile
  • An 0.5 x 1" slot on all standard siFramo products

Through the application of these design elements a completely unrestricted fixing position is achievable on any face of the profile, regardless of the components that are affixed to the adjacent faces of the profile.


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Luke Totterdell

Written by Luke Totterdell

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