When to use siFramo? 10 Essential Key Points you need to know

Sikla modular steelwork system is the finest alternative to welded secondary steel and relies on time and cost saving: the heart of Sikla’s product range and solutions. 

When designing a new project, would a modular steel system like this qualify as a suitable alternative?

Sikla has developed a simple guide with 10 essential questions you should be asking about the job being developed, aiming to help designers and engineers decision making. Find it all in this blog article.


Watch this video demonstrating siFramo time saving benefit when compared to welded process.
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 How does your project look like?

  • 1. Are connection components all-embracing and not just angle-brackets? (Answer here)
  • 2. Are small parts safe against confusion, vibration and wrong application? (Answer here)
  • 3. Can a safe connection be spotted by the naked eye or does it require torque-wrenching to be sure? (Answer here)
  • 4. Do the connection elements keep the frame corners clear, i.e. 100% of section area can be used as a support? (Answer here)
  • 5. Can connections be made steplessly and fixing positions are not dependent on availability of holes and slots? (Answer here)
  • 6. Is independently tested load data available for all components and parts of the system? (Answer here)
  • 7. Is test data available for typical frame configurations and based on all 3 possible load directions? (Answer here)
  • 8. Can the system be calculated with a 3D structural frame analysis program? (Answer here)
  • 9. Is the system BIM and plant design software compatible? (Answer here)
  • 10. Is a global manufacturer accountable for the product? (Answer here)

How many Yes/No answers did you get?

If you can answer all 10 questions with yes, you probably use siFramo.

If you have a few NO's - be worried.

If you have NO's only, check the small print of your insurance policies.


siframo key points-1


siFramo modular system.


Need siFramo technical details in more depth?

Why are these questions so important? What if these features are being ignored? 

Follow this blog over the next weeks, we will answer it in detail, using calculations and illustrations.


Contact us today and let us know about your project’s requirements and we will help you to benefit from siFramo solutions.

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